Skin/Hair Care (African Black Soap)

We stock The African Black Soap specially formulated by the highly respected Nigerian company known as Natural Nigerian.

The soap comes in 4 different variants which includes the raw black soap.


 Our beautiful collection of Ready-to-wear African clothing has been carefully designed to accentuate the beauty of women all over the world irrespective of race or color.

From fabric selection to sketching and finally,designing, our affordable pieces are bestsellers.

Custom Tees

Our vibrant collection of Tees with their positive inscriptions showcase the versatility of the African Men and Women. These Tees can be paired with virtually any kind of clothing

Health & Wellness

There is no denying the fact that African herbs and roots has been known for centuries for its potency in treating wide range of illness and diseases.

We stock tested and trusted collection of Agbo-Jedi, Ale and Master Booster (Our in house specially formulated herbs for sexual enhancement).